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Double Hung Windows in Canada

Aesthetically appealing, modern, minimalist, and durable, double hung windows are a great choice for homes across Canada. At Can Choice, we stock high-quality vinyl replacement double hung windows that offer greater versatility than conventional single hung windows. By switching from single to double hung windows, you’ll reap the benefits of maximum ventilation. This is because both of the sashes move and slide vertically. You can open them one at a time or together to allow fresh air to enter your space.


We make sure that each unit is installed with screens on the exterior to eliminate the chances of insects, leaves, and debris entering your space. In order to clean your new windows, simply tilt them inwards and wipe away any dust or spots. We offer a wide range of double hung window shapes, designs, colors, and sizes.

Made of high-quality PVC and carefully sealed with fusion technology, our cutting-edge windows prevent leaks and drafts. We use high-quality glass, cam locks, and keepers to ensure that you get a big boost in window performance, appeal, versatility, security, safety, and longevity. We offer four glass styles: plain, tinted, textured, and decorative.


Our double hung windows comply with industry norms (Energy Star, FSC, and SFI certifications) to help protect the environment. They’re also energy-efficient; your house will feel warmer during cool months and you’ll benefit from reduced cold drafts during hot months. By minimizing air leakage and boosting the overall thermal performance of our double hung windows, we help you save big bucks on your energy bills.   

Are you considering replacing your current windows with high-quality, durable, and lasting double hung windows? Take a closer look at our gallery and give us a call when you’ve made your decision. Let’s get your project off the ground! We design, engineer, and install double hung windows in homes across Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Ottawa.

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